Sneaky Sneaky

I didn't see it coming.

It snuck up on me, creeping in with ninja-esque skill. Last time I checked I hadn't quite decided, but now I am sure. This jedi-mind trick quietly changed my subconscious before leaking slowly into regular consciousness.

I don't think I can tell you exactly when it happened. One minute I have my night all planned out, and the next...I'm autotuning Bitchin' Kitchen.

Yeah. I know. If you are a fan of this blog, you will remember that I had touched on this subject before (Not Sure How I Feel About That...). Tonight, I actually scoured the program guide specifically for Bitchin' Kitchen.

Yes, it totally weirded me out at first, and I still think that sometimes it sounds like Nadia is trying to talk around a brick in her throat. But for some reason, this has become one of the most entertaining food shows on TV today.

While I am terrified of putting this in writing because I fear this will come back to haunt me someday...I will say that I am currently enjoying this show more than Good Eats.

Wait, do you hear that? Must be the sound of hell freezing over.

We all know of my ridiculous crush on Alton Brown, but the trouble is...he's not as entertaining as he was when he was still, you know...fluffy.

Anyway, I said currently, because CURRENTLY, I am enjoying B.K. more. AB's shows just don't have that Monty Pythonish humor that I so adored when I first began watching him. If you look at my favorite tv chef personalities, they are mostly people who haven't changed styles over the years. Take Jamie Oliver. His show has been earthy and rustic from the get go. Something I absolutely loved about him. No fussing around, just great simple stuff. But Alton...I'm beginning to fear that all the weight you lost was in that brilliant brain of yours...

Nadia GSo, Nadia is sorta filling in that need for now. Her ridiculous sets, psychotic cast of characters, questionable wardrobe choices (like some of her shoes...o.m.g), and her break-the-mold approach to a cooking show, she's got something going on. Not sure that I can put my finger on what it is, but I like it. Don't get me wrong, I am still holding out hope that Alton will pack on a few pounds and return to being that lovable dork complete with puppets, quick dry humor and visual aids that made me swoon my swooners off. He better get off this tangent he's on quickly, because Nadia is a chick, and frankly, this is weirding me out.

If you haven't watched her show yet, give her a gander. She's on most nights at 9:00 central. I haven't tried her recipes yet, but dadgummit, sometimes I just want to be entertained! Sheesh!

(Side story, I love my blog's spellcheck. I went with "dadgummit" because I wanted to tone down the swearing, but it doesn't like the spelling. So I right click to check how it wanted me to spell it, and it came up with "dammit". So, I laughed to my literary self, knowing that truthfully there is no escape from swearing, as in the effort to not swear, I found it important enough to tell this little anecdote which involved me putting the swear in anyway. Insert heavy sigh.)

Check out Bitchin' Kitchen on Cooking Channel!

Thanks to for the picture of Nadia and the voodoo doll. I think this sums her up, don't you?


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