The Adventures of Lemony Snicket!

I have decided that is the perfect name for my soon to be blossoming LEMON TREE!!!

Yes, I am going to grow one from seed. FROM SEED!!!

I've done a bit of research to figure out the best way to go about it. I appreciate suggestions too, however. Any bit of help would be grand!

If you aren't already, become a fan on facebook to see how my progress is going. I will be posting photos every now and again to track it's progress. Wish me luck! I've only grown something from seed once before, and I think I was in 2nd or 3rd grade, so I don't have the best experience. 

Our veggie garden? Oh, yeah, we always buy semi-mature plants and just transplant them into our gardens. We get them before they have any fruit but we like to try to find ones that have flowers on them, because that means we'll have fruit, like tomatoes, sooner! Yum!

Anyway, wish me luck! I'm super nervous and scared!

Look for me on facebook to see updates on how little Lemony Snicket is doing!

BTW, if you want to grow your own little guy, check out this link How to Grow a Lemon Tree from Seed to see what method I am using to grow my little guy. Hee this is so exciting!!


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