Happy Holidays!

Hello food fans!

I know I've been M.I.A. for a few weeks. You know how things get during the holidays. I just wanted to jump on here quickly and say:
Happy Holidays!

Also, please feel free to share your holiday dishes with me. I'm planning on typing up my favorite Christmas dish in the next couple of days. My mom makes it for us every year, and she calls it "Overnight Eggs". It's sort of an egg casserole with bread and breakfast sausage, and it really says Christmas to me because we have it every year in the morning while we open our gifts together. It wouldn't be Christmas without "Overnight Eggs".

So, Merry Christmas to all! I hope your holiday season is everything you want and more!

Ho ho ho!


*photo courtesy of hauteapplepie.files.wordpress.com. Thank you thank you much!


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