TL's Four Seasons Sushi

If you are planning on having sushi as one of your meals, my advice would be to have sushi lunch. You are almost always getting the same quality and same amount as a dinner option, but you're getting it at a much smaller price.

TL's Four Seasons in Bartlett is probably one of the best Japanese/Chinese restaurants in the Chicago Suburbs. I'm still going out and experiencing other places, but so far, TL's is the best.

Their lunch options are great because you can decide how much you want to eat and the prices are pretty good. Today, I got Sushi Lunch B, which is 6 pieces of sushi with a california roll (I just love that cucumber crunch!), at around $12.50. They give you very good sized pieces of fish (as you can see in the photo) and the freshness is incomparable. For $12.50 you're getting really fresh fish and healthy portions, which means you can afford to eat there. Most of their lunch options are served with miso soup (in lower photo), which is just another extra bonus.

Normally, I eat inside the restaurant, because the atmosphere there is totally relaxed, open, light, comfortable and serene. They have incredible art pieces there that I admire every time I'm there. Today, however, I brought it home so I could take photos without looking weird. Besides, I think if they knew I was writing about them they might treat me differently and I just want to be like any other customer.

They start serving lunch around 11:30 Monday-Saturday, and at 12 on Sunday. Believe me when I say that if you don't exactly live close to Bartlett, it's definitely worth it to make the trip out there. I live about 8 miles away, which amounts to about 20 minutes driving time going up 59. If you'd like to visit, they're located at 110 W. Bartlett Avenue, Bartlett, IL 60103. You can call in your order and pick it up or, if you live in their delivery area, you can have it delivered (either way, by calling 630.830.1988). Here is a link to their menu page in case you aren't interested in sushi, but still want something delicious for lunch (I recommend their chicken fried rice): TL's Four Seasons menu.

To love, to food, l'chaim!


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