Geneva French Market

I took an adventure with my aunt, uncle and mom to the Geneva French Market near the train station in downtown Geneva, and we were pleasantly surprised by the number of stands and the type of wares they were selling. This was not only a vegetables and such market, but also a place for people to sell flowers, jewelry, and specialty clothing.

One stand of note was called Twin Garden Farms, from Harvard, IL, where they were selling corn so sweet you could eat it raw off the cob. No cooking required. I snacked on one (which was given to me, for free, by the stand owner) while I meandered around the two aisles of the market. The photo of the radishes above is from that stand where we bought not only that amazing corn, but also those beautiful radishes which I had with some kosher salt and butter for a snack.

Another stand was called Wolf Farms and Greenhouses from Eau Claire, Michigan (could not find a website; please comment if you find it!). They had an incredible arrangement of different colored bell peppers (picture to left). They had multi-colored greens and yellows, and even some purple ones on the front. That's right, those are bell peppers, not eggplant! They were absolutely stunning and piled up in an enormously delicious mountain.

The next booth of note was called the Breadsmith (photo on right). While not exactly the independent artisan I was hoping to see at this French Market (with over 30 locations across the U.S.), their offerings were quite special as they included some gluten-free breads which peaked my interest. They did not have any for sale at the market, but their shop in St. Charles, IL had a selection of gluten-free items (including cookies) to choose from. My mom has a wheat allergy and it's very rewarding to find places that can offer something she can have.

An olive stand, a fresh, hand-stirred kettle corn stand (picture on left), and one selling okra among their line of vegetables also marked the offerings at the French Market. All four of us found a couple things that we couldn't leave without purchasing. All in all, a very successful day.

On top of the whole vegetable explosion, there was also some very beautiful beaded items where I got some ideas for my own jewelry creations. Food is not my only passion, as I have a healthy obsession with hand-made jewelry.

All in all, a very successful trip out to the Geneva French Market. It was a beautiful day to be out walking around looking at interesting stands, and even the crowds weren't unbearable despite the fact that there was a jam-packed car show of sorts taking over most of 3rd street in downtown Geneva. Maybe something could be done about all the dogs people had brought, but other than that, I'd say it was a memorable experience and one in which I intend on repeating next year.

To love, to food, l'chaim!


  1. I'm sad that we devoured those radishes as soon as they got home. They were delicious and looking at that photo makes me want them even more. Bwoo.


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